June 29th, 2022

🛠️ The client is now updated to v2.3.0! 🛠️

This update is a major update. The game is now updated to v2.3.0 with many updates to the game, bug fixes and feature releases. This update is the start of The Puffle Party construction, replacing Operation: Puffle.

New Updates & Features

Login Updated! – A new design has been released for a cleaner Login screen!
Loader Updated! – The Loader is now updated for a more clean design!
Tricks Button added – Tricks Button is added in-game but is disabled until Puffle Party releasae
Direct Login – No need to select a server! You will now directly log into the game.
Jetpack Released – The Jetpack Adventure game is now released in-game!
Lighthouse Room Released – The Lighthouse is now released.
The Beacon – The Beacon is also released in-game!
Forts Time! – You can now view The Time in Snow Forts
Public Igloos! – Now you can unlock your Igloo and invite everyone to join in-game!
Igloo Map – You can now also view all unlocked igloos on The Map!
Game Icon Updated – Jetpack Adventure, Surfing and Arcade game icons are now added on The Map
Arcade game released – You can now play two arcade games in The Lounge!
Adopting Puffles – Adopting Puffles are coming soon, however we added a “coming soon” prompt when trying to adopt.
Disabled EPF Phone – We disabled The EPF Phone until we release Operation: Puffle
Puffle Party Items! – The Featured Party items are now updated for The Puffle Party! 🎉
Puffle Party Construction – The Construction has started in-game, replacing Operation Puffle
Bug Fixes
Font Updates – We updated some of the fonts that weren’t showing correctly.
Free Furniture! – The “You don’t have enough coins” bug is now fixed! 🪙
Hiding Text Prompt – Some prompts were hiding the text, this is now fixed (noticeably Unlock Items)
Item (X) – Some items that were showing “X” in your inventory is now fixed. If you find any more items that show this, please report it at 🔗┆bugs and we will fix this as soon as possible.
The game is now online and you can now play. You can now play at https://play.myclubpenguin.com/ – Make sure you clear your cache!