MyCP Important Announcement – The Future

Dear My Club Penguin community,

It has came to my attention that we are not giving our users the best experience within the game. And with that, I truly apologize. I want to be sure My Club Penguin is giving you, our users, the best experience when playing the game. We understand that there are many bugs in the game and some features aren’t available just yet. However, on November 10th, My Club Penguin’s servers will be put on holt so we can focus more on fixing everything in the game. This means that the whole game will be completely redone to give you the best experience ever and hopefully, with a lot of work, bug free.

This means that after The Halloween Party, there will not be another party until this task is completed. We aren’t sure how long this will take but we hope it’ll be finished within 2-3 weeks to get ready for The Holiday Party for Christmas.

We hope that we can get many new features and experiences in the game for you during this downtime holt for the game. The game will still be up and available like normal. We just will not have any updates added into the game.

Until next time, waddle on

-The My Club Penguin Development Team

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