Important announcement – The Future of My Club Penguin

Dear My Club Penguin Community,

I would like to first start off by apologizing for the way mascots have been handled lately. There have been a few bugs with the mascots that made it where we had to postpone meet-ups and for that, I apologize. We will be giving all members that have registered 10,000 coins for the inconvenience.

Going forward, after The Fair is over on September 25th, Development for My Club Penguin will be put on a hold while we work on a lot of things in the background to ensure better stability, bug fixes and improvements within the game. Our primary focus going forward will be making sure your experience on My Club Penguin will be exceptional while playing.

The next party which has not been announced yet, will still be coming to The Island in October. However, there is no set date on when this will be released and any updates to the game will not happen unless absolutely necessary. We will be focusing on our website and the game entirely while development is on hold publicly.

We will be hiring new designers and developers to help out with the game so updates will be released more frequently and smoothly and we are hoping that going forward, you will see improvement with the game.

Until next time,

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