My Club Penguin Development Post (August 13, 2022)

Good Morning, penguins!

It’s finally time to reveil new things coming to My Club Penguin! With Sled Racing and Find Four already released in-game, we are excited to announce a few new things that we have been working on. This also includes our next party coming very soon, The Fair! We are also going to be showing you some updated features.

Introducing The Fair

The Fair, one of the most amazing and fun parties that were on Club Penguin, will be making a return to My Club Penguin with prizes and awesome new mini-games. These mini-games will be scattered around The Island where you can earn tickets to redeem for prizes and more.

Postcards HTML5

Shortly after The Fair is released, we’ll be making some much needed improvements to our HTML5 Postcards. This update will receive a way to send Postcards to any user in-game. There will also be new Postcards added in-game for The Fair so you can send fun Postcards to your friends!

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges are still being worked on. However, we plan to release a BETA version of Daily Challeneges very soon so you can have fun completing challenges with your friends and the community on My Club Penguin.

Level Up!

Leveling up is also coming to My Club Penguin. The more leveled up you are, the more features that will be available to you! More information on Leveling up will be released soon.

Updated Filter & Account Activication

We are working on improving our Chat Filter in-game to make sure My Club Penguin is kid-friendly and safe. This also includes Username Verification. Account Activiations have not yet been implemented. However, we are working on bringing Account Activiations in-game to make sure our users are safe. This will make it where any accounts that have yet to be activated to not be able to chat in-game. When logging into My Club Penguin, you will receive a simple prompt stating that your account needs to be activated.

Puffle Update

Puffles. Our very furry friends that came in-game just a few months ago is now getting an update for bug fixes! These updates include new animations to interact with your penguin and an updated Puffle Care center to care for your Puffle! And this also includes new rooms being added in-game for your Puffle! The Puffle Hotel, Puffle Mall and Puffle Park will be released in the next update!

And so much more coming!

We are always improving My Club Penguin. This means that more features, updates and.. Puffles.. Will be coming very soon on My Club Penguin! We are excited to show you what we have been working on behind the scenes and we cannot wait to release it in-game.

Until next time,

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