Puffle Party ends July 24th, Puffles Information

My Club Penguin’s Puffle Party, the first ever party on MyCP which was released on July 8th will be coming to an end on July 24th which brought Puffles in-game on My Club Penguin. We are currently aware of the lagging in-game and some bugs with Puffles, therefore we’ve decided to disable adopting Puffles beginning July 24th so we can finish squashing bugs, releasing Puffle care, fixing issues and releasing more creatures within the game.

The Puffle Handler, PH, has also made an appearance quite a few times on My Club Penguin releasing two new backgrounds when meeting her! Because stamps have not released just yet, everyone who already met PH this year will receive the stamp when this feature is released.

We appreciate the help in squashing the bugs when Puffles were released and joining us during The Puffle Party and we are excited to bring you more updates and features in-game soon!

-The Administration Team

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